PCBN insert for Ductile Iron Process


CBN Content

Machining Mode

Workpiece Material



Special ingredients


Bane of ductile cast iron

Be mainly applied in components such as bent axle, camshaft, cylinder liner and engine crankcase for automobile, tractors, heavy duty machinery, internal combustion engine and etc, medium-pressure valve for general machinery which are under complex conditions and have high requirements for strength, toughness and wear resistance at the same time.

Remark: Inserts can be customized with special ingredients

Ductile Iron Cylinder

Workpiece Material : QT400,500,600,800

Hardness : HB350

Cutting Parameters : Vc=200m/min, ap=1mm, f=0.1mm/r;

ADI(Austempering Ductile Iron)Coupling

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